A new cryptocurrency running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). GWAP is a true DeFi project with built-in(automatic) rewards for all GWAP holders. By holding GWAP, you are exclusively invited to participate in our future project launches. Buy GWAP to participate.


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What is GWAP?

GWAP is a DeFi Token created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The rules for how the token works are written into a smart contract and can NEVER be modified. The Tokenomics (explained in the section below) is the coolest part of the project. We have future utilities in the works. Expect to hear news about GWAPNET soon!

Why buy and hold GWAP token?

Every GWAP holder earns a portion of every transaction that happens in our token. The token is super deflationary. 4% of every transaction is split evenly between all token holders. 2% is burned. 2% gets locked into the Liquidity Pool (providing liquidity FOREVER!) 1% gets sent to a charity wallet and 1% gets sent to the Dev Team wallet locked until October 1st, 2021.

Passive income

4% is distributed to GWAP holders.

2% is burned (reducing the supply).

2% is locked into the liquidity pool. 

1% is sent to the charity wallet.

1% is sent to the Dev Team wallet.

Continuous Burns

Part of our supply is continuously burned. As a result, the rarity and value of the token increases over time.
In addition, the liquidity pool also increases for every transaction that is locked forever. We also plan to burn coins every 0 the price drops.

How Do I Buy GWAP token?

Download Trustwallet app from your OS store

Buy BNB on an Exchange of your choice (Ex.Binanace)

Go to dApp section and select Pancakeswap

Swap Your BNB For GWAP by using the contract address

Contract Address: 0x3f2024c04dfa1cd4b35188e0aa19c8d373e3c7e9

Meet Our Team Members

Corey Faulkerson


Corey is an American
entrepreneur and founder of GWAP. He has extensive knowledge in Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security. He has been investing in crypto currency since 2013. Corey created GWAP to help un-bank the world with Decentralized Finance (De-Fi). GWAP is a community ran token and is simply does what it says it does. We aim to build amazing Tech to utilize the GWAP token.

Join our Team

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If you have any skills in marketing, copyright, Java coding. If you feel you have something you can offer this project to help us grow. Join our Telegram group to learn more.